President Donald Trump, and his team of close advisers, have been very coy when asked about a potential re-run for the presidency in the 2024 election, however, the man himself has now weighed in regarding where his head is at.

The Democrats had hoped that by charging the former President in the Senate and gaining a conviction, then they would be able to prevent him from running for national office again.

However, the ex-President was acquitted for a second time and is free to make another run for the presidency if he wishes.

What did he say exactly?

Trump appeared on Fox News to be interviewed by Maria Bartiromo, who asked the question that has been on the lips of every single Republican since his 2020 defeat.

After analyzing the polls, the former President stated, and we quote, ‘we will see’ when discussing a potential run in 2024.

He stated that his team is keeping a close eye on the polls, claiming that almost every poll he has seen points towards favourability for a 2024 run.

However, Trump then went on to state his main priority presently is to help Republicans regain control of the House and the Senate in 2022.

He claims that there is ‘a very, very good chance’ of reclaiming the House, pointing out the significant gains that were made in the lower chambers in 2020.

President Trump then goes onto claim that the Republicans also have a good chance of winning back the Senate, stating that the Senate Republicans currently lack leadership, and rounded off his interview by proclaiming that a decision will be made regarding another presidential run after the conclusion of the 2022 midterms.

Not for the first time…

His interview on Fox is not the first time the former President has been questioned regarding another crack at the presidency.

Last month, Trump appeared on Newsmax TV in the ‘Greg Kelly Reports’ segment, where he was quizzed about another run.

The former President refused to declare if he would be running again or not, yet he did point towards the poll numbers that show he still retains significant support throughout the American population.

He then claimed that he is the only President in history to have gone through impeachment and come out the other end with higher numbers than before.

Support for the former President did in fact increase when he was acquitted by the Senate, as the Democrats were exposed throughout the trial for doctoring evidence.