From time to time, something will appear in the news that’s so absurd, it prompts the exclamation, “You can’t make this up!”

Cases like this have been growing distressingly common of late as every facet of the country seems headed for out-of-control decline, and things grow more detached from reality by the day.

Yet another story like this has cropped up, and it happened — where else? — in Portland, Oregon.

That city has been known as a cesspit of radical leftist violence and extremism for a long time, a place where the majority of the so-called “leadership” is content to sit back and allow rioters and destructive anarchists to run amok, even deliberately handcuffing the police and stymieing their ability to make arrests in the process.

Portland has already been the scene of months of violent rioting following the death of George Floyd, rioting which has long since lost any meaningful connection to that event and has simply become a venue for opportunists and political extremists to get what they want.

Well, the rioting is back. The Portland Federal Building has been engulfed in violence recently, and of course, it wouldn’t be Portland if that violence didn’t come with some absurd political demands attached.

And this crop of demands is nonsensical, even by Portland’s standards.

Leftist Mob Violence Reigns Supreme

Since July, the Portland Federal Building has had a fence around it designed to protect it. On the night of Wednesday, March 10, that fence was removed.

The following night, Antifa tried to burn the building down.

Naturally, the police responded, forcing the crowd of rioters to disperse, and then began making arrests.

To get the situation under control, the police used a tactic known as “kettling,” wherein the police surround a crowd of people and corral the crowd into a narrow perimeter. This gives the police more control over the situation. As the police began arresting people, they did not tell them what they were being charged with. The ensuing chaos put other concerns to the fore.

But because of this, groups like the ACLU are accusing the Portland Police of “civil rights violations” and demanding that new Attorney General Merrick Garland investigate the department’s conduct.

The ACLU, whatever its heroic past, is now essentially a front organization for the far-left. It doesn’t seem likely that these “civil rights” charges will stick since the Portland Police had used the same tactics before and were not charged with any such violations.

But the more important thing is the sheer absurdity of the whole situation. The far-left, which is anti-police, is demanding that the Portland Police be investigated by… the feds. The feds are also the police.

You can’t make this up!