It can’t be said enough: The media are the enemy of the people.

Evidence for this claim is so abundant by now that it should no longer even shock anyone that people would make it.

But once again, we have another case of politically motivated lying by the media to add to the already-existing mountain of evidence for their foundational dishonesty.

The mainstream corporate press has an insatiable urge to lie about anything and everything concerning Donald Trump. The penchant for lying about Trump’s phone calls is especially strong.

Well, it turns out that on December 23, Trump spoke with Frances Watson, Georgia’s top election investigator for the Secretary of State. The subject of their conversation was, of course, the blatant and overwhelming election fraud in the state.

Biden barely left his basement during the campaign, yet we’re expected to believe that he “won” a deep red state like Georgia. Matt Braynard alone was able to find enough direct evidence of fraud in Georgia — of people “voting” after they had moved out of the state, of dead people voting, and so on — to give Trump the roughly 12,000 votes he needs to win the state, but the media continues to insist that there was no significant fraud during the 2020 election.

As with Trump’s conversation with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, the media attempted to frame Trump’s conversation with Watson as an instance of him “intimidating” Watson. Nothing like that was true. He simply wanted the political leadership in the state to acknowledge the truth.

Well, now the media has more egg on its face.

Media Lies About Trump’s Call With Watson

Not only did the media lie about Trump’s call with Watson, but they also knew that what they were saying was a lie. They knew that a recording of the call existed but continued to insist that it didn’t.

When an audio recording of the call was finally released, the Washington Post was forced to issue a “correction” in which the paper admitted that, “Trump did not tell the investigator to ‘find the fraud’ or say she would be a ‘national hero’ if she did so. Instead, Trump urged the investigator to scrutinize ballots in Fulton County, asserting she would find ‘dishonesty’ there.”

With that, the Washington Post could try to pass off its ridiculous story as simply a “mistake” rather than a deliberate lie, but thankfully, the paper will have no such luck.

Recently, both CNN and the Washington Post, after making a public records request, found that a recording of Trump’s call with Watson had always existed. In fact, Watson had the audio file in the trash folder on her device. Though she could have shared it with the media earlier, she evidently didn’t.

Did CNN or the Washington Post know about this recording all along? Why was it in Watson’s trash folder? Were people trying to hide the evidence of this call so that they could get away with lying about Trump?

The dishonesty here is pervasive, but alas, no longer shocking.