Study From University of Chicago Debunks Falsehoods

A new study out of the University of Chicago has shed a little light on the origins of the U.S. Capitol Hill rioters. While the mainstream media has tried to paint the group as a bunch of QAnon supporters and other fringe right-wing groups, the truth is that most of the rioters were ordinary Americans looking to share their voice.

Media Paints Group in Different Light

By focusing on the radicals with names such as QAnon Shaman and Baked Alaska, it is easy to see how the group got pigeonholed into a stereotype that was hard to shake. However, the results of the study show that the majority of the group were informed Americans who came from a variety of different backgrounds and places.

Not Just From Trump Country

One of the most interesting revelations of the study showed that the rioters did not all hail from areas that leaned heavily in favor of former President Donald Trump. Over half of the rioters came from counties that were won by President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

Additional Data Points

The data demonstrated that only about 10% of the rioters were connected with the fringe groups known as the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. The media has latched on to the mistruth that all of the rioters were associated with these nefarious organizations. What was most interesting is that almost 90% of the rioters had no ties to extreme right-wing groups.

Additionally, about 85% of those who were arrested were business owners or professional workers, making it easy to deduce that the group was educated as a whole.