One of the key campaign points that President Joe Biden ran with was all about masks.

He spoke about how science agrees with him that everyone needs to be wearing a mask in enclosed public spaces.

One of the first acts of the Biden-era was to enforce a federal mask mandate, which involved the enforcement of all individuals wearing a mask on federal property.

This was later expanded to the airline industry, and they have been very brutal with it.

Numerous stories have been released regarding how airlines have treated passengers who removed their masks momentarily.

These passengers were thrown off the plane, with their kids, and subsequently barred from the airline.

So, will ‘special envoy’ John Kerry be receiving the same treatment after he was snapped sitting on a packed plane flaunting the mask rules?

What’s the story?

John Kerry, a ‘climate envoy’ for the Biden Administration, was caught out on Wednesday for not wearing a mask on an American Airlines flight.

The picture depicts Kerry sitting next to another gentleman in first-class, reading through a book, with his mask hanging off his left ear, not covering his face.

No food or drink was spotted in his vicinity, which led to numerous questions being asked of the official as to why he was not wearing his mask on the flight.

The envoy claimed that he had removed his mask ‘momentarily’ in a short statement made on Twitter, however, the passenger who snapped the exposing image disagreed, claiming that Kerry had his mask off for five minutes.

The passenger then went onto claim that no flight attendants had told Kerry to put his mask back on, despite numerous other reports coming from the same airline service that passengers had been treated awfully and forcefully removed from flights if they were seen without a mask on.

However, the photographer then went on to concede that for the duration of the flight, Kerry was indeed wearing his mask.


In the world of US politics, no one will ever let you forget a short, five-minute slip-up, and Kerry was no different.

Chef Andrew Gruel was the first to point out the sheer hypocrisy with the whole situation, tweeting out the photo of the maskless Kerry, whilst sharing a personal example of his; the fact that his six-year-old child was reprimanded for having his mask below his nose for 30 seconds, whilst also pointing out that babies are being removed from planes.

Next up was the son of former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, who wasn’t about to let Kerry get away with his mistake.

Trump Jr tweeted the same image out, pointing out the ‘liberal hypocrisy’ from the envoy.

He then goes on to pose a question to the airline, demanding to know if Kerry will subsequently be barred for flaunting the federal mask mandate ‘just like regular citizens would be.’

Director Robby Starbuck built on the points made by Trump Jr, pointing out on Twitter that 12 children had been removed from American Airline flights, along with their parents, as they didn’t wear a mask.

He then goes on to ask why Kerry is allowed to get away with it.

If anything, this situation just doubles down on the belief that the federal government does not care about the own rules they enforce on ordinary Americans.

Instead, they will flaunt them whenever they please, and they will never face the same repercussions that everyone else does.

Everyone say it at the same time; one rule for us…one rule for them.