CBS Evening News reported that around 13,000 unaccompanied children have been detained at the U.S.-Mexican border since President Biden took office in January.

The media outlet described the detainments conducted by the Department of Homeland Security as a '’crisis’‘, contrary to the administration’s avoidance of the term.

The announcement, delivered by CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell, states that the number of denied adults wanting to enter the country is the same, which makes it the highest number in the 21st century.

The anchor also emphasized that the government might not be able to house most migrants coming in and might face difficulties with the procession of their asylum claims.

The numbers reported by CBS are ostensibly higher than those provided by the government.

On Monday, the administration announced that around 4,200 unaccompanied children are being held on the border, 3,000 of which are planned to be accommodated at a convention center in Dallas, Texas, whereas another 1,000 would be placed in a tent city in Midland, Texas.

The numbers issued by CBS are three times higher.


The situation comes as a result of President Biden’s abolition of former President Trump’s immigration policies, particularly those that ordered immigrants to remain in Mexico while their asylum claims are being processed.

Many commentators criticized President Biden for not discussing the issue with Congress members and governors of the southern-border states.

The President has not even visited the border since his inauguration while the administration officials eschewed calling the situation a '’crisis’‘.

Since the administration has faced calls from local leaders to act upon a situation, political commentators expect that President Biden would need to explicitly explain his approach to the issue at a press conference scheduled for March 25th.

Last month, Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano published a video message urging President Biden to prevent new asylum seekers from coming to Del Rio as the city is already overwhelmed with the influx of migrants.

Lozano stressed that winter storms further worsened the situation, threatening to issue an emergency order that would ban anyone from coming to the city.

Other Texas officials, such as Governor Greg Abbott and Republican Representatives August Pfluger, Henry Cuellar, and Tony Gonzales, requested that the federal government take more adequate measures.

Further complications

The situation at the U.S.-Mexican border is made more complicated by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The local authorities reportedly do not have workers who would perform tests on migrants.

Even if someone tests positive, which allegedly occurred at least 185 times so far, the local governments cannot issue quarantine orders to migrants.

Thus, asylum seekers are entirely permitted to use public travel and other services through which they can spread the virus to other locals.

This policy put the lives of many residents of the southern-border states in danger.