Throughout the 20th century in the United States, segregation was a massive issue that numerous civil rights activists fought and died to eradicate.

Inspirations such as Martin Luther King Jr fought to end segregation, to ensure that individuals would be judged on their character rather than their race, and lost his life in the process of that fight.

Now, Columbia University in New York City wants to go back to the dark ages of segregation, after they announced that they will be holding separate graduation ceremonies for students who are Black, Latin, Native American, Asian, LGBT, and on a low income.

These six ceremonies will be an addition to the regular ceremonies that are due to be held.

Why do the left love segregation so much?

It is a question that has to be asked, as over the last couple of years, the left have celebrated spaces and events that have been created just for a set group of people based on their identity.

Throughout the 20th century, segregation was a plague that infected communities across the United States, dividing Americans into groups based on their race, gender, and class.

For some reason, the left now wants to go back to those days, and Columbia University is happy to oblige.

The University claims that the reasoning behind their decision to segregate certain groups of people for their own separate graduation ceremonies is to allow these groups the time to ‘reflect on personal growth and experiences’ they had whilst attending the University.

Basically, this just means they want them to get away from white people, simple as that, not at all racist.

Do I detect a hint of…hypocrisy?

Almost every issue with the left will always come down to be rooted in hypocrisy.

A classic example of this is the case of Elon University in North Carolina, where a group of white students wanted to form a group that was strictly for white students.

The University quickly shut this down, labeling it as a ‘discriminatory act’ as it excluded students who were not white.

Now, apply this same logic to the decision made at Columbia University.

Is it not a discriminatory act to hold separate graduation ceremonies for different identity groups to celebrate their achievements, bearing in mind that white students are not allowed to have a separate graduation ceremony?

The left celebrates diversity and inclusivity yet is so desperate to force young students into identity boxes to segregate them away from the rest of the world.

Is that really what the civil rights activists of the 20th century wanted for this country?