An enormous number of election fraud lawsuits brought forth by both Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and other organizations that support the former president have been summarily dismissed virtually without any discussion. These dismissals have been made not because evidence of fraud was lacking—often, it was abundant—but because many of the judges hearing these cases were part of the very same hopelessly corrupt political establishment that wanted to destroy Trump by any means necessary.

So, many totally valid and reasonable election fraud cases have been shamefully ignored by courts for blatantly political reasons.

Thankfully, at least a few honest judges do still appear to be sitting on the bench. One such judge is in the great state of Georgia—a place where election fraud in 2020 was especially egregious.

Judge Orders Absentee Ballots Unsealed

Garland Favorito, an election integrity watchdog from Georgia and member of the Constitutional Party in Georgia, has been speaking out about election fraud in his state for many months now. He has researched the subject extensively and has found mountains of evidence confirming that fraud happened.

It began when Favorito simply observed a series of mysterious vote switches happening as he was watching election results come in the news. Occasionally, he would notice vote tallies changing in impossible ways. Rather than Biden’s and Trump’s vote counts both simultaneously increasing as more votes were counted, he observed votes being subtracted from Trump and added to Biden’s total.

From there, Favorito began researching the Dominion voting machines used in Georgia, and he found some unsettling things, like that they could easily be connected to the internet and that people do indeed have the power to manipulate their vote logs.

Eventually, he was even allowed to conduct a forensic examination of voting machines in a small Georgia county. The results of the investigation confirmed that Dominion machines were indeed preprogrammed to switch votes from Trump to Biden in a prearranged ratio. Despite entering equal numbers of votes for both Trump and Biden during the investigation, the machines registered a Biden victory. Favorito had written sworn affidavits testifying to this effect.

All of these accumulated concerns have proven so serious that Georgia Superior Court Judge Brian Amero has decided that he might unseal the absentee ballots in Georgia’s Fulton County and allow Favorito to inspect them for irregularities.

“We want to do this in such a way that dispels rumors and disinformation and sheds light,” said Amero.

It’s not clear yet whether these absentee ballots will be unsealed or whether a full forensic audit will be conducted of them. If any investigation happens, it’s not yet clear how far it will extend.

Still, this is a promising development for believers in election integrity.