Chuck Todd Puts Blame on Trump

Contrary to what the mainstream media wants everyone to believe, not everything is related to former President Donald Trump. During a segment on NBC’s “Meet the Press” last Sunday, host Chuck Todd was discussing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his refusal to heed the urging for him to step down as he becomes more embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. But rather than put the blame solely on Cuomo where it belongs, Todd and his guest, John Heilemann, simply put the blame on Trump.

Heilemann’s Take

Heilemann said that Cuomo is digging his heels in and refusing to resign because he saw how this approach worked for Trump. He accused the governor of following what he referred to as the “Trump precedent.”

Todd agreed with his guest, accusing the Republicans of always making excuses for Trump. He then derided conservatives for not being self-reflective, choosing to only be excited about the notion that Cuomo is in trouble.

Comparing Cuomo to Northam

Rather than comparing Cuomo’s refusal to resign to Trump, Democrats should look in the mirror and examine how Cuomo’s situation is more similar to Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. The governor got caught up in a blackface controversy, also refusing to resign despite many calls to step down. Instead, he rode out the media cycle until the attention was taken off him.

This approach is also not any different than how former President Barack Obama was always able to push controversy to the side until it had blown over. Cuomo is just following the playbook that has been laid out for him by his Democratic colleagues every time they got into trouble.