After fighting off Andrew Gillum, an extreme leftist and a member of the Democratic Party, in the 2018 Governor Elections, Ron DeSantis became a favorite of the GOP supporters.

Consequently, he is a politician that democrats point their finger at, suggesting that he leads racist and discriminatory politics.

Furthermore, the current Governor of the “Sunshine State” proved to be vital for Trump’s win in Florida (at the 2020 Presidential Elections).

During his press conference in Naples just a few days ago, Ron DeSantis announced his plan to reform civic education in Florida through an initiative that other states will be able to follow.

What is the Critical Race Theory?

Believe it or not, the “Critical race theory” that has been imposed by the Democrats and the White House Office wasn’t invented in the past few years.

It has its roots back in the 1970s, but it gained massive popularity during the 2020 Presidential Elections, when numerous democrats, mostly under the influence of far-left groups, started acknowledging it as a “real thing”.

What does it suggest?

Well, the main point suggests that systemic racism is integrated into the American culture!

Although the use of this “education theory” was banned by ex-President Trump, Biden implemented it a couple of months ago making it a “staple” in the politics of the Democratic Party.

Fortunately, Ron DeSantis understands the dangers of it and decided to end its use in Florida.

The “Civic Literacy Excellence Initiative”, a $106 million plan

According to the education plan announced on Wednesday, the curriculum will be founded on substantiated theories and concepts, promoting unbiased civics education.

As the Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis suggests, he won’t allow that kids and teenagers hate their country because of the ridiculous and rationless theories such as the one of “critical race.”

Furthermore, he claims that education institutions should stand as the foundations of knowledge rather than indoctrination activists.

Consequently, leftist media and Democratic supporters have even more reason to point fingers and call him a racist.

Still, DeSantis isn’t all shaken up by it, as he is a subject of the anti-campaign and cancel culture ever since 2018.

DeSantis as a competent Governor

Numerous studies suggest that from all the governors of the “big states,” including Cuomo of New York and Newson of California, DeSantis did the best job amid the COVID19 pandemic.

Unlike most governors, he didn’t shut down schools or businesses, resulting in Florida having one of the lowest unemployment rates set at 4.8% (half less than NY).

The surge of new cases is put under control, and it seems to be the case thanks to Ron’s rational and grounded principles.