The Jesuit priest who had presided over the mass that President Joe Biden attended on the day of his inauguration has been placed on leave and is currently under investigation.

Reverend Kevin O’Brien, who is also the President of the Santa Clara University in the state of California, has been placed on leave whilst the investigation takes place, however, according to The San Jose Mercury News, officials are refusing to state the reason for these investigations.

Details regarding the ‘stunning developments’ were posted online by John Sobrato, who is the Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees.

What has developed?

Sobrato proclaimed in his online statement that he had been made aware of the incident by the Provincial of the USA West Province, stating that the Jesuit Provincial Office had made them aware of numerous stories regarding O’Brien’s behavior in an ‘adult setting’.

He continued by saying that these reports mainly consisted of past conversations that O’Brien had been involved in, stating that they went against ‘established Jesuit protocols and boundaries’.

He then stated that ‘Father O’Brien’ has been put on leave, whilst claiming that he had agreed to ‘fully cooperate with the investigation.’

He finalized his statement by declaring that the trustees ‘fully support’ the individuals who had come forward to share their own accounts regarding O’Brien, whilst also declaring that the trustees respect the right of O’Brien to have a ‘fair and impartial investigation’.

The Board of Trustees will inform the members of the University of the result of the investigation once it has been completed.

O’Brien himself is yet to make a comment regarding any accusations, his leave, or the investigation.

However, Norman Kline, a member of the University’s Board of Fellows; a group that raises finances for the institution, stated that he was surprised by the announcement, as he declared that O’Brien is ‘terrific’, as well as stating that ‘everyone likes him.’

O’Brien has also been a friend of the current President Biden, knowing each other for 15 years.

No statement came out of the White House yet regarding the situation.