Although months have passed since the Presidential elections, tensions are still present, and while the democratic majority officially calls for reconciliation, things, in reality, look different.

In the past couple of weeks, there have been several incidents, including BLM supporters causing riots and chaos in Portland during working hours, as well as in other cities throughout the US.

Mainstream media and democrats-supported groups breached into the Chase bank, Walmart, and even the Courthouse.

Unfortunately, none of the leftist media informed the public on recent events, and the same goes for the Sunday incident, as BLM, Antifa, Socialist, and Democratic Party supporters stormed Lansing, Michigan, marching through neighborhoods in the middle of the day.

Along with representative merch of these groups and organizations (usual masks and hoodies with totalitarian imagery), there were also numerous Soviet flags to be seen.

The target of the “protestors”

It all started on Sunday morning when several hundred protestors gathered in the South Side of Lansing, Michigan, carrying BLM, Antifa, and Socialist marks, while marching through the town.

There were numerous chants and insults directed toward the ex-President, Donald Trump, and the Grand Old Party’s supporters.

As it seems, the protest’s main target was the police, which the protesters insulted in numerous ways, however, one of the most shocking incidents that happened was when a group of activists and leftist supporters started to harass people in Lansing neighborhoods.

One of the protest’s ‘highlights’ was a homeowner who had a Trump’s flag and the “back the blue” sign in front of his house.

Although the leftist media and supporters of the Democratic party always preach freedom, they acted the opposite way, threatening, insulting, and yelling at the man.

Unfortunately, no one was ready to confront them as it wouldn’t be the first time that BLM, Antifa, and Socialist protesters try to act as victims even though they were the aggressors.

No reports on this incident? Well, that shouldn’t surprise you.

There have been numerous examples that leftist media is completely blind when it comes to riots and incidents caused by the supporters of the Democratic Party.

Nobody cares that the federal police officers are under constant stress and that those who voted for the ex-President Trump are now subjected to “cancel culture.”