The already dismal situation at the southern border is only getting worse.

Scores of thousands of migrants from across South and Central America, having swallowed up Biden’s permissive rhetoric with respect to immigration, have been making a desperate bid to enter the United States.

In order to do so, many of these people have had to strike deals with some of the very worst elements of humanity — thieves, gangsters, drug traffickers, murderers, and, it seems, even human traffickers.

Specifically, it appears that a large number of the unaccompanied minors that have found their way into the hands of US immigration authorities were brought to where they are by sex traffickers.

Hell on Earth at the Border

According to Florida Republican Representative Maria Salazar, the surging demand across South and Central America to come across the US border by hook or by crook is leading to a surge in sex trafficking, child trafficking and forced labor across those countries.

The criminals who enable these people to travel and eventually get into America, often connected to drug cartels and referred to as coyotes, are demanding all sorts of horrible things from the people whom they agree to bring across. In practice, this means that people fall heavily into debt to extremely violent criminals and will usually only be able to repay their debt through forced labor, sexual favors or something worse.

To put all of this somewhat into perspective, Burgess Owens, a Republican Representative from Utah, pointed out that as many as 30 percent of migrant women and girls who are indebted to the coyotes end up being raped.

Since Biden’s open borders rhetoric has only attracted more of these people, that has meant a rise in all of these horrible activities.

That means that Biden is at least indirectly responsible for all of this needless and avoidable horror.

In response, 40 Republican Senators have written a letter to the US Government Accountability Office in which they demanded to know whether or not Biden truly had the authority to unilaterally demand a halt to all funding on the construction of a border wall across the southern border.

It’s terrible that such things are happening to these migrants. There is truth in the old adage after all: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.