As if this wasn’t obviously true already, Big Tech is simply an arm of the political establishment.

Yet again, Twitter has done something to prove this beyond all reasonable doubt or peradventure. The company has once again collaborated with prominent Democratic politicians to take down one of their enemies and prevent them from being able to address the public. This time, the target was Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Later in the day, Twitter announced that this targeting was a “mistake,” but any fool can see that that was simply a face-saving rationalization made in response to overwhelming public fury.

Jack Dorsey: Hatchet Man for the Democrats

Greene is a populist firebrand who has been giving Democrats — as well as sellout mainstream Republicans — hell by refusing to be cowed by them.

After widespread voting irregularities and mountains of credible evidence of election fraud were uncovered in the 2020 election, for instance, Greene continued to say publicly that she thought Donald Trump had the election stolen from him — even though virtually everyone in the decadent and corrupt political establishment had been working to memory hole that fact.

For her provocative but fearless and righteous action, she was removed from all of her committee appointments in Congress. Now, Democrats, led by California Rep. Jimmy Gomez, have brought forward a resolution to expel Greene from Congress because they don’t like her. You’re not allowed to simply ignore the will of the voters that way, but Democrats have already taken tremendous power by ignoring the will of the voters, and they evidently have no intention to stop.

Right as this resolution was put forward, Twitter announced that it would be suspending Greene’s account and locking it down for 12 hours. Other than some vague allusions to alleged violations of its “rules” — which were never specified in detail — Twitter provided no explanation for this move.

But of course, everyone knows what really happened. Democrats wanted to throw Greene out of Congress without letting her complain about it online. If Greene had been able to use her account, she would have been able to rally people to her defense. This was a coordinated attempt to kneecap her.

Nevertheless, a furor aroused among the public, and later on March 19, Twitter announced that the account freeze had been a “mistake.”

Removing Greene would require a two-thirds majority vote in the House — which will never happen — but Big Tech’s complicity in this shows that Twitter Can never be relied upon. People can — and should — follow Rep. Greene on Parler, Gab and Telegram instead.