Christine Pelosi, daughter of the Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, was left with her tail in between her legs on Twitter over the weekend, after her misthought attack on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis backfired massively.

She becomes the latest Democrat to be embarrassed for attempting to go after somebody else, after CNN’s own Brian Stelter was shown up after he attempted to attack a Fox News chyron for lying, before the numerous fakes, and quite frankly hilarious chyrons on his own network were pointed out to him.

What did Daughter Pelosi do?

Christine Pelosi took to Twitter to add fuel to the fire of the left’s hatred for Governor DeSantis, who is presently doing a terrific job at managing the Covid-19 pandemic in the state of Florida.

Pelosi tweeted out two images, alongside the hashtag ‘DeathSantis.’

The first image depicted a news article featuring DeSantis, who was criticizing President Joe Biden’s efforts to prevent citizens from traveling into the Sunshine State.

The second image is where Pelosi messed up, as it contained an article link that referenced a state of emergency declaration at Miami beach due to large crowds.

Pelosi, her mother, and the Democrats want the American public to believe this is due to a Covid outbreak, however, they are embarrassingly wrong.

A video captured at a Miami Beach restaurant on the night of the declaration shows what truly happened and why it was called.

A Twitter user posted a video showing a mass brawl breaking out between vast numbers of diners at the restaurant.

The same user that tweeted out the video claims that this happened twice at the same restaurant that night. However, the national media and the Democrats tried to spin the story around and blame it on Covid, claiming that DeSantis had lost control of the pandemic, in a desperate attempt to take the heat off New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose own policies directly inflated the death rate in the state (as well as his ongoing sexual harassment claims.)

How did this backfire?

First of all, the facts aren’t on the side of the Democrats when it comes to Ron DeSantis’ record on the pandemic, which numerous members of the party have been forced to acknowledge.

The state of Florida has a highly concentrated, elderly population; given the state is well known for being the place to retire in.

However, despite this fact, the death rate in Florida throughout the pandemic has been no greater than the national average.

The Sunshine State has also outperformed other states in the country when it comes to keeping case rates and death rates low, despite having fewer restrictions imposed on the public.

As a result of this, kids in Florida have been continuously attending school in person since the autumn, and the unemployment rate in the state remains one of the lowest in the country; at 5.1%, whereas New York is currently suffering at an 8.7% unemployment rate, whilst California’s is at 9.1%.

Users on Twitter also pointed out to Christine Pelosi the original response her mother gave to the pandemic.

At the end of February last year, the Speaker of the House was actively encouraging Americans to go out and socialize in Chinatown, when cases in the United States had started to soar.

Apparently, her daughter had forgotten that, making her the latest hypocritical Democrat out there, attempting to show up the success of someone else, yet only to be met by failure.