The American journalist and cultural critic H.L. Mencken once jokingly defined puritanism as “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, might be happy.”

Based on that definition, environmentalists are some of the most puritanical people you’ll ever find.

A particularly dreary and wearisome demonstration of this fact emerged out of Colorado recently, when its governor, Jared Polis, declared March 20 to be “MeatOut Day” in the state. The point of all of this was to encourage people to decrease meat consumption, probably in the belief that the meat industry, in its various forms, burns a great deal of fossil fuels. Some boilerplate statements about plant-based diets being healthier were also issued.

All of this would have probably passed as an annoying but ultimately amusing and minor political stunt had it not been for one very important fact about Colorado: The state has a massive agricultural industry which raises farm animals and which employs a great many people.

Farmers and Citizens Rise Up

Most red-blooded people find the idea of eating a completely meat-free diet to be bizarre and vaguely unhealthy. And as free human beings, it’s their right to think so and to eat however and whatever they please. It’s certainly not the place of wealthy and arrogant elites like Governor Polis to attempt to shut down entire industries which help vast numbers of ordinary people secure their livelihoods.

Since the meat and agricultural industries are such a major part of Colorado’s economy, Governor Polis was, whether he realized it or not, attacking his own people. And they responded.

In response to Polis’s proclamation, 26 counties in Colorado have already declared March 20 to be “Meat In Day” in an attempt to throw the proclamation back into the governor’s own face.

Not only that, but the movement in favor of meat appears to have spread to neighboring states as well. Governor Pete Ricketts of Nebraska declared on Twitter that “meat is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat” and that “there are radical anti-agriculture activists that are working to end meat production and our way of life here in Nebraska.”

Left-wing activists just refuse to leave people alone. With them around, no one is allowed to have anything to himself. The moment such people are allowed a foothold in society, they always seem to immediately set to work corroding everything.

You can’t even enjoy a steak or a burger! Crazy!

God bless the ranchers, the farmers and the ordinary people who’ve finally decided that they’ve simply had enough.