Andrew Cuomo Under FBI Scrutiny

The problems for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo continue to mount. The Democrat is now being investigated by the FBI for the way that he handled the reporting of COVID-19 data within the state’s nursing homes. According to The New York Times, investigators are looking into how Cuomo and his team gave false data to the Department of Justice.

Details of Investigation

As part of the official investigation, the FBI has subpoenaed the governor’s office for the important data relating to the number of COVID-19 deaths within nursing homes. There have been allegations that the number of deaths in these living settings could be as high as 50% more than what Cuomo and his team had been reporting to officials charged with tracking the data.

In addition to the subpoena of the documents, the FBI is reportedly visiting nursing homes and collecting data at the source while also interviewing those involved with the dispute.

Cuomo Dealing With Two Scandals

In addition to the nursing home problem, Cuomo is also dealing with a much bigger problem on a personal level. In recent weeks, several women have come out to accuse the governor of sexual misconduct. Some of the most damning allegations come from women who worked for Cuomo at one time.

On Friday, yet another woman accused Cuomo of sexual harassment, alleging that he was flirtatious and tried to pit female co-workers against each other in his office.

Numerous state Democratic officials, including Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, have called on Cuomo to resign from his position leading the state. Cuomo continues to assert that he has no plans on stepping down despite the list of allegations continuing to grow.