Twitter once again managed to serve as a dais for addressing political views and uprooting events of the past to place them under further scrutiny, and righteously so!

Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, voiced his concerns over a series of comments combined into a short video clip, depicting the Democratic debate from September 2019.

Emphasizing the words of encouragement shared by Biden towards the migrants regarding their entry into the United States if he were to be elected, McCarthy questioned whether Biden had planned to carry out a crisis at the border.

While during the debate Democrats had criticized the immigration policies formulated by President Donald Trump, then-candidate Biden had been posed a question with regards to his trustworthiness as it had been him who had openly declared his support for a border wall that would potentially deport millions of people when he had served time as Vice President.

Biden, however, claimed that it had never been the intention of the Obama administration to separate families or lock people inside cages nor had it ever done so.

Promises made

Biden had promised several major changes should he be elected, with one of them being the surge towards the border.

He expressed his support to those seeking asylum, stating that they are a nation that wholeheartedly welcomes those fleeing oppression with hope towards a better future.

Some immigration services officials pointed out that it won’t take too long for the worst-case scenario - the immigrant crisis, to happen if Biden gets elected.

However, Biden’s accommodating tone only stressed more on the ‘harsh’ regulations that had been set forth by his predecessor, resulting in a flood of asylum seekers heading to the ‘walls’.

Biden’s mixed signals

During a recent interview, Biden stated his advice against crossing the border and asked immigrants to remain in their home countries, which is fundamentally different from the narrative he used before he took the office.

He also stated that the majority of those who crossed the border are being sent back.

This has invited reproach from Republicans who criticized the Biden administration for sending out mixed messages to the public.

Critics also focused on errors made by the administration, highlighting the White House’s lead adviser on the border who had slipped up recently during a briefing before correcting her words and resuming.