Past Use of Marijuana Forcing Biden Staffers Out of Work

For a White House that was supposed to be friendly to marijuana use, it came as a surprise that many staffers were asked to resign or work remotely after admitting to recreational use of the drug. The administration of President Joe Biden has come under fire for disqualifying these staffers for admitting to smoking pot in the past.

Details on Policy

The new policy is even applying to staff members who used marijuana in a state where the drug is legal. Those familiar with the situation said that the staffers were put on probation or let go because they listed past cannabis use on their background check forms needed to work in the White House.

Some reports say that the staffers were previously told that the past marijuana use would not be disqualifying for employment. This is why so many people were caught off guard by the announcement.

Differences in Security Clearance Rules

The disconnect is being blamed on different requirements regarding the use of cannabis. While the NSA only requires the absence of use for one year, the FBI requires abstinence for a period of three years. In addition, the White House made the call to waive needing “top secret” clearance to work in the executive office. This opened the door for more candidates to apply despite their past use of the drug.

Kamala Harris Under the Gun?

The question now begs, how will this affect Vice President Kamala Harris? She has previously been vocal about her past marijuana use. The vice president once talked about how she loved smoking weed while listening to Tupac.