For a long time, colleges and universities have been known as the preserve of a far-left cadre of crazy professors. And while that fact was unfortunate, many remained confident — and complacent — that the lunacy found on college campuses would not spread far into the wider society.

These people were totally wrong.

Far-left ideological propaganda has now wormed its way into school districts across the country. It isn’t just college students who are being exposed to critical race theory. It’s other children at lower levels of education as well, as parents with kids enrolled in a Raleigh, North Carolina public school district are finding out.

School Administration Ignore Parents’ Concerns

Any decent parents would grow worried if they learned that their children were being taught racist garbage at school in lieu of receiving an actual education.

Raleigh’s Wake County Public School System has been doing exactly that. Specifically, the system has trained teachers to incorporate critical race theory into their lessons, which is particularly insidious because students — especially younger student — will not have the intellectual resources and wherewithal to question what is being told to them and will then be primed to accept such nonsense as “truth.”

In February of 2020, a symposium for teachers in Wake County’s Public Schools offered them sessions on such things as “microaggressions,” “whiteness,” “racial mapping,” and “disrupting texts.”

Specifically, even the texts that students were allowed to read were changed to include more “diverse” authors — which, in practice, means that these new texts consisted of Marxist propaganda.

While being made to read texts of questionable value, students are prevented from reading texts of genuine value from the Western canon, like Shakespeare’s plays or Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. The rationale for this, of course, is that such literature contains “problematic” themes.

When teachers asked about the possibility that parents would push back against all of this, they were told that, “You can’t let parents deter you from the work.” Teachers were encouraged to indoctrinate their students and ignore the complaints of parents on the absurd grounds that “White parent’s children are benefitting from the system.”

In other words, a blatantly racist curriculum was justified by an appeal to blatant racism.

Parents need to push back harder against all of this. They need to push as hard as possible and not rest content until critical race theory is totally purged from all schools.