The media lives and breathes off their ability to continuously lie about Donald Trump.

They lied that he was some kind of nascent fascist dictator, that he was a racist, that he colluded with the Russians and far too many other things to recount.

But no matter how many times they lied, no matter how many times they were exposed, they refused to let up. Since the media is really just the propaganda arm of the political establishment, and since major media corporations will fire anyone who is brave enough to refuse to toe the line, that, unfortunately, is to be expected.

When you also factor in the uncomfortable truth that most so-called “journalists” these days have no real skills or charisma and are therefore totally dependent on large media companies to keep them employed, it’s almost axiomatic that these people will never stop lying about Trump when the establishment hates him so much.

Attributing fake quotes to Trump has been one of the media’s most insidious ways of lying about him. There was, of course, the “very fine people on both sides” lie, where Trump was falsely accused of speaking well of white nationalists, even though he had said just seconds before that he wasn’t referring to them. There was also the lie that Trump referred to Mexican immigrants as “rapists.”

And more recently, there was the lie that Trump attempted to intimidate Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger into “finding” more votes for him.

Well, there’s yet another such lie, and yet again, the media refuses to admit it.

Media Lies About Yet Another Trump Phone Call

In addition to calling Raffensperger, Trump was also at one point on the phone with Frances Watson, the special election investigator for Georgia.

A January 9 story in the Washington Post claimed that during the call, Trump demanded of Watson that she “find the fraud” and said that she would become a “national hero” if she did so.

CNN, predictably, amplified the story.

“Story” is, of course, the operative word here because all of it was a lie.

First, it turns out that the mysterious “source” of this so-called “report”—which neither WaPo nor CNN revealed when they initially discussed this incident—was Georgia’s Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs. The fact that this presents a blatant conflict of interest and might make him into an unreliable source for reporting on Trump did not seem to bother the propagandists at WaPo in the slightest.

Not only that, but it turns out that an audio recording of the entire call had actually been present in the trash folder of one of Watson’s devices all along. Honest journalists who wanted to know what really happened could have simply asked to hear the recording. They didn’t have to report the story secondhand or thirdhand.

But because they are propagandists, that’s exactly what they did.

Despite all of this, other news outlets falsely claimed to have “verified” the story, and to this day, WaPo refuses to retract it.

In the end, no one said it better than Trump himself: “The media is the enemy of the people.”