Former President Donald Trump, along with his son; Donald Trump Jr, took time over the weekend to mock President Joe Biden’s fall up the steps of Air Force One after the President lost his footing three times whilst boarding the aircraft.

Both senior figures in the outspoken family gave their views regarding the President’s ‘gaffe’, which lacked the extensive media coverage that Trump was so used to during his time in office.

Let the mocking commence!

Many of us by now would have seen the video in question, circling around on social media as the mainstream media tried desperately to bury it, in order to avoid questions about the President’s physical health being brought into the light.

However, this didn’t stop the Trump family from mocking the ‘gaffe’ by Biden, with both the father and son of the Trump’s taking their time to bring a little laughter to the incident.

Former President Trump was first up, featuring in a short video that went viral on the social media platform known as TikTok on the same day as Biden’s fall.

The former President was making a small set of remarks from his Florida home when he brought up the incident.

He stated that he ‘watched Joe Biden fall up the stairs today’, a moment that was met by laughter from his audience as they knew what was coming next.

He continued by expressing his disbelief that he ‘lost’ to him, saying that after he watched the video he said aloud ‘I didn’t lose to him’, another moment that was met by laughter.

Then, the former President went onto claim that he in fact didn’t lose the election, a statement that will eventually lead to the removal of this viral video.

Don Jr to the rescue!

Fear not, as another one of the Trump men was quick to the draw to mock the President’s incident.

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, posted a short clip on Twitter that featured his father taking a big swing at a golf ball, before cutting to the clip of Biden falling over, getting hit by a said golf ball in an editorial masterclass.

He followed it up by questioning why the media wasn’t running extensive analysis on the incident since that’s exactly what they used to when it came to his father’s health.

The White House released a statement saying that the President was 100% fine after the fall, whilst all questions relating to his long-term health were avoided.