A Christian University based in the state of Michigan has chastised ‘white evangelicals’ for the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, an act they proclaim to be ‘anti-faithful.’

Professor Kristin Kobes Du Mez, who teaches both history and gender studies, hosted an event which was based on her most recent publication ‘Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation.’

A common theme ran throughout the event; as the Professor continuously claimed that White Christians had elected the nations ‘least Christian President.’

Christian masculinity?

The official description of the event claimed that the meet was set up in order to ‘challenge the commonly held assumption that the so-called moral majority backed Donald Trump for purely pragmatic reasons.’

The event description also claimed that the cultural history of the United States and evangelicalism fully explains why ‘white evangelicals’ decided to elect the ‘least Christian President in American history’, before going on to claim that this election ‘transformed their faith in the process.’

The Daily Wire reported that Kristin’s lecture at the event was the third instalment from her ‘religion, racism and white supremacy’ seminars, where she claimed that ‘militaristic Christian manhood’ led to the rise of key conservative leaders like Ronald Reagan, Billy Graham and now Donald Trump.

She stated that the origins of ‘Christian masculinity’ rose out of Teddy Roosevelt and the support that white evangelicals had for the war.

She then went on to claim that these themes remained strong throughout the Cold War, stating that the rise of Communism threatened the values of freedom and liberty laid out by Christian teachings, so they ‘militarised’ as a result.

She concludes the segment by blaming Billy Graham for introducing the religion to ‘Christian nationalism’ and to ‘gender traditionalism’, claiming that he played an ‘outsized role’ whilst promoting the idea of traditional gender roles; with males being masculine and females being feminine.

Why John Wayne?

Kristin explained to the Calvin University students who attended her lecture that the reason she opted to reference John Wayne in her book was that she believed him to be representative of ‘Christian masculinity.’

She stated that when evangelicals went searching for a solid representation of ‘Christian manhood’, their heads would often turn to warriors or soldiers, which is why she opted to reference the character of John Wayne, given his extremely masculine traits.

However, she claims at one point during the lecture that she had to stop working on her publication as the emphasis on masculinity in the religion was ‘extreme’ and ‘incredibly disturbing’ for her to deal with.

She had initially summarised the Christian vote for Trump in 2016 as a ‘betrayal of their values’ before she eventually corrected herself.

During an interview with National Public Radio last year, Kobes Du Mez offered to shed some further light on her thought process at the time.

She claimed that although evangelicals were crucial to Trump’s victory in 2016, many observers believed this to be contradictory, making it seem like a betrayal.

However, she goes onto explain that upon further examination, she realized the longer history of evangelicalism actually lined up with the election of Donald Trump, in terms of values held on both sides.

So Trump was the ‘least Christian President’ in history, so what on earth does that make President Joe Biden?