On Tuesday, March 16, a 21-year-old man named Robert Aaron Long opened fired into a group of three massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia. During this rampage, he killed eight people, six of whom were Asian-American women, and wounded one more.

As terrifying as this is to admit, the ultimate wellsprings of evil are always going to be something of a mystery. With enough time and patience, people might gather some reliably good insights into why someone who does something horrible may have done it, but the ultimate question—”Why?”—will always remain at least somewhat unanswered.

This is completely obvious to any sensible person. Alas, the journalistic class is not known for its sensibility.

Instead, psychotic levels of confirmation bias and rabid, frothing hatred of white males are their go-to strategies.

Believing Is Seeing

Long himself, by his own confession to law enforcement officials, stated that he was a religious fundamentalist who was fanatically devoted to the idea of chastity. Since massage parlors staffed with Asian female masseuses are notorious for also providing certain customers with sexual favors, it makes sense that such places would arouse Long’s ire.

This confession is not absolutely definitive, but it is the strongest piece of evidence relating to motive so far in this case, and there are further things that back it up. For instance, it is known that Long frequented at least two of the parlors that he attacked, and his friends and family have confirmed his religious fanaticism.

But no matter. The corporate press does not need such a paltry thing as evidence to help it discern Long’s motives. Journalists already know what they must be. Since Long was a white male, it is intuitively obvious that he was also a racist. Since he was white and his victims were Asian, the hacks in the mainstream media consider it axiomatic that Long was motivated by “white supremacy.”

And how do they know all of this? By magic? Mystical intuition?

Who knows? In the ideologically blinkered fantasy world increasingly occupied by journalists, one guess is as good as any other. To them, as long as they merely believe or suspect that something happened, that is enough to convince them that it did.

Their preconceptions of white men are that they are all seething racists, so of course, that means that Long “must” be one as well. It does not matter to them that there is no evidence for this claim.

The mainstream media is a blatant propaganda tool. Its purpose is not to inform but to manipulate. That is what’s going on here.