Last night, 10 people were murdered in an unprovoked massacre at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.

The first responder to the scene, Officer Eric Talley, is the first to have been identified from the mass shooting, with the other 9 identities not yet being released as they pend notification to their loved ones.

The Chief of Police in Boulder, Maris Herold, grieved for the fallen officer in a statement released after the shooting, saying that Officer Talley died as he tried to save the lives of other people.

Who was Officer Eric Talley?

The 51-year-old joined the Boulder Police force in 2010, just after he turned 40.

According to his father, Homer Talley, Eric took his job ‘very seriously’.

He stated that his son originally joined the force in order to keep himself off the front lines of action, so he joined and trained to become a drone operator.

Homer finished his tribute to his son by saying that he never wanted to put his family through something like this and that he loved them all more than anything.

Jeremy Herko, who proclaimed himself on Facebook to be Eric’s best friend, stated that he could not describe the ‘level of devastation’ he felt after hearing the news about Talley’s death.

He stated that Talley was a ‘devout Christian’ who was the ‘nicest guy in the world.’

He continued by saying they had been friends since they met in the academy, and that Talley had to purchase a van capable of holding 15 passengers in order to comfortably drive his kids around.

He asked of anyone who saw his message to keep Eric’s wife and kids in their thoughts, with his youngest child being only 7-years-old.

What’s happened now?

On the night of the shooting, Talley’s body was taken away from the supermarket via an ambulance and was escorted to a funeral home by a convoy of emergency service vehicles.

As his body was driven along the route, his fellow police officers and first responders stopped and saluted the convoy, paying their respects for the fallen hero.

An outpouring of love also manifested on social media for the officer, after news broke regarding his death.

Since then, Boulder police have confirmed they have a suspect in custody but are yet to confirm if the suspect was the sole criminal.

The man, who was arrested at the scene with a bloody leg, was escorted out of the supermarket by police in handcuffs and taken to hospital to receive treatment for his injuries.

His identity has not been released to the public, nor has a potential motive for the shooting.