Joe Biden looked like he didn’t know where to go or what to do again the other day, as is becoming the most consistent hallmark of the politician. With Marine One waiting in the background, the President can be seen first clumsily interacting with American soldiers, with Kamala Harris standing next to him. After his interaction with the second soldier, where he also appears to forget to salute initially, Biden wanders off toward the left of the screen when he was supposed to be boarding the waiting Marine One chopper. Vice President Harris seems not to know what to do to try to redirect the meandering Biden.

A secret service officer then darts in from off-screen to point the President in the right direction, but Biden still seems unsure about where to go.

Kamala Harris can be seen talking to him, likely reminding him that the next stop is the helicopter with the propellers whirring.

Is Biden Fit for Office?

It’s the sort of moment that happens as people get older, and we should give the President some leeway, perhaps. But Biden seems out of it consistently and increasingly. Biden is clearly struggling to hold his marbles together already, less than a few months into his term, and the media and the political machine behind him are scrambling to hide it from us.

With this example of the President’s impending, increasing senility, along with the myriad others, the press and the Dems are going to find it more and more difficult to pretend everything’s alright in D.C.

It’s important to keep an eye on this situation as a whole and not focus on one specific instance as determinative. Or maybe it has something to do with air travel; Biden has trouble getting on planes, we know that. Maybe he was worried he wouldn’t successfully make it into Marine One and Harris had to give him some encouragement.