One of the highlighting points of the Donald Trump presidency was his border policy.

It took several years of effort to create a secure border system in cooperation with the Mexican government and the idea of preventing illegal immigration.

Unfortunately, since Joe Biden took over the Office on January 20th, the White House canceled various policies and decided to wide open the borders, reversing all the good work done, and obviously - creating a bigger problem than it was before.

Consequently, within a few days, thousands of illegal immigrants, including children manipulated by drug cartels, embarked on a trip to enter the country through the Texan border.

Apart from border chaos, the situation resulted in a humanitarian crisis amid the COVID19 pandemic and a surge in cases.

Finally, after months of the open-border policy, ex-President Trump decided to comment on the situation.

Alejandro Mayorkas suggesting Trump left a mess!

The main trigger for Trump’s involvement in the latest borderless policy discussion has everything to do with Alejandro Mayorkas, United States Secretary of Homeland Security, who suggested that the Department is having a tough time dealing with the mess that Trump’s presidency left.

As it seems, this was his only answer during a Sunday press conference as the media openly asked him about the ongoing humanitarian crisis, showing that no one from the White House is willing to take responsibility for what is happening at the borders.

A week ago, the Secretary of Press, Jen Psaki, suggested that they don’t have anything to do with the illegal immigration issue and that questions should be redirected to DHS.

So, after shifting responsibility from one to another, government offices and the White House decided to play it safe - blame Trump!

What does ex-President Donald Trump say?

After the blatant accusations by Alejandro Mayorkas, Trump responded by suggesting that the border policy his administration left is the best and most secure in the history of the USA.

Furthermore, Trump expressed his concern over the fact that Mayorkas is obviously not the right person for the job, and that his policies will cause additional problems, which the White House will not be able to deal with.

He finished his claims by calling Congress to investigate Alejandro Mayorkas and the fact that border patrol is being sabotaged in their duty to prevent illegal immigration.