The indefatigable guerrilla journalist James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has broken yet another bombshell story.

In this case, the story has to do with yet another gargantuan migrant caravan that is set to head for the southern US border and stress our already overwhelmed immigration system to its utter breaking point.

Because of O’Keefe’s and Project Veritas’ unique methods, they have begun encouraging insiders from major organizations, governmental and private, who are aware of major levels of politically consequential misconduct to come forward.

Project Veritas would often send one of its own journalists undercover into some organization and insinuate them into the organization and hobnob with insiders while recording everything they say on camera.

This has resulted in some extraordinary revelations but has made the sorts of groups O’Keefe is likely to target wary of infiltration. Hence, O’Keefe’s more recent calls for insiders to come forward.

Well, now an insider at the Department of Homeland Security has come forward, sharing with O’Keefe a shocking document about a new migrant caravan that is set to form.

The New Caravan

According to this document, a new migrant caravan will form in three different locations in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador by March 30. Once the migrants in these places come together, the document says they will number in excess of 10,000.

This is worrying and infuriating for many reasons, but the added stress that these people will place on our immigration system, the chaos that they will cause at the border, is only one of them.

Arguably a much more serious issue is how the DHS knows about exactly where and when such a caravan will form. How do they know this? Who is organizing these people? Are these groups really emerging spontaneously, or is there more deliberate planning behind them?

It’s certainly difficult to understand how the date of this new caravans formation could be predicted so precisely if these caravans were truly spontaneous.

The document states that the people in the caravans are coordinating and communicating over social media, but this is vague, and it raises more questions than it answers.

In any event, the immigration crisis is clearly a manufactured one. Whether it is simply due to Biden’s irresponsible open-borders rhetoric or whether there is something more deliberate and sinister at play, this is a manufactured crisis.