Conservatives are instinctively patriotic people, and in America, being patriotic typically means supporting the troops.

That’s why it will probably come as an extreme shock to conservatives to learn that America’s military establishment has by now been thoroughly compromised by the left.

Conservatives might strenuously deny it, and they might not want to admit it, but if they know what’s good for them, they’ll face the truth: the military is now basically a part of the corrupt and criminal political establishment that has hated them and has wanted to destroy them for so long.

Tucker Carlson’s recent comments about allowing pregnant women in the military and the military’s increasing focus on meeting useless diversity quotas that have no combat purpose should have been a wake-up call to many.

And the absolutely absurd response of many military officials to these completely sensible comments should have been jarring.

But for those who still haven’t woken up to the reality that the left basically owns the military now, there’s one more piece of news that you need to hear.

The Pentagon has been issuing training materials on how to target and weed out so-called “extremists” in their ranks. And, of course, an “extremist” is anyone who dissents, however mildly, from current left-wing orthodoxy.

PJ Media has recently obtained copies of some of these training materials, and they are terrifying.

The Military Has Been Compromised

It’s well-known that current and former military members have often been members of gun rights groups, local militias, or other patriotic organizations. There’s nothing wrong with any such organizations.

All Americans have the right to organize in such ways if they see fit to do so.

But the Biden Administration and the rabid, far-left ideologies who staff it will brook no dissent. They are actively engaged in campaigns to root out and destroy such people, barring their access to military training, knowledge, and weapons.

In a document obtained by PJ Media called “Extremism Stand Down — Commander Engagements With All Service Members. Discussion Guide 19FEB21” makes clear that the armed forces are to become a tool of the Biden Administration’s anti-white and racialist agenda.

The document states that, “If we don’t eliminate extremist behaviors from our Navy, then racism, injustice, indignity, and disrespect will grow and keep us from reaching our potential.”

A section on “Do’s and Don’ts” of discussion facilitation describe ways to prevent those with Constitutionalist or traditional American viewpoints from being able to meaningfully participate in discussions. Soldiers are encouraged to report those expressing such views to superiors, ensuring that they will be disciplined or perhaps discharged entirely from the military.

A section about preventing speech “that threatens to undermine our government” is also distressingly clear. Foes of the Administration will not be tolerated.

Only one question remains: Why is it so important for the left to control the military? What do they plan to do with that control?

No matter the answer, the prospect is terrifying.