A law professor from the University of San Diego has come under fire after he wrote an article criticizing the Chinese communist government that he then published on a blog. Although Tom Smith’s article clearly was directed at the Chinese government, some students and staff members at the school thought that the blog post was attacking Chinese people in general.

Details of Blog Post

Smith used a quotation from an opinion article published in the Wall Street Journal as the springboard for his controversial blog post. The post began by quoting the piece by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr, criticizing the Chinese government for trying to control the narrative of the COVID-19 virus. It is no secret that Chinese officials were not exactly forthcoming in how they distributed information during the early days of the pandemic.

Smith then went on to add his own opinion, stating that those who believe that the virus did not originate from a lab in Wuhan are “swallowing whole a lot of Chinese cock swaddle.” Although the accusation was pointed at the Chinese government, others wrongly interpreted it to refer to the Chinese people.

Update Issued

As a result of the confusion, Smith was forced to issue an update to his piece. A petition started by the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association demanded that Smith apologize for his comments. A different petition demanded that Smith be fired from his position at the law school.

In addition, the University of San Diego School of Law issued a statement that it was going to launch an investigation into Smith’s comments and their intent.