Anthony Fauci is much more of a bureaucrat and a political operator than he is a legitimate scientist. His primary concern is to win power and funding for himself and for the public health bureaucracy, not to promote the truth.

On Friday, March 20, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul brought all of this out wide into the open and exposed it for many millions to see when he got into a testy exchange with Fauci on the subject of whether anyone needs to wear masks after being vaccinated.

Generally speaking, Paul seems to be completely fed up with what, by now, can rightly be referred to as the COVID cult. No matter what happens with regard to cases, hospitalizations or deaths, public health authorities are always keen to spin it as a reason why lockdowns should continue and why normal life should not be allowed to resume.

Even the development of a vaccine, which is supposed to prevent the disease from harming people, is not enough to appease these lunatics.

COVID-19 apparently has magical and contradictory properties, according to the likes of Fauci. Everyone needs to take the vaccine against the virus but also still behave as if they can get sick.

It can’t possibly be any more obvious that people like him are just lying so that they can grow their own power and prestige.

Even worse is the fact that there are millions who believe people like Fauci and who have taken it upon themselves to obnoxiously enforce the fear that they peddle.

Rand Paul Has Had Enough

Paul later appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight, where he discussed his fiery exchange with Fauci. He said that Fauci had made the totally unsubstantiated “conjecture that someday, there might be a [COVID-19] variant that escapes the control of the vaccine and becomes a pandemic that hospitalizes and kills people — but there’s no evidence that it has happened.”

Fauci is simply inventing nightmare scenarios in order to scare people and elevate his own profile. What he’s doing has much more in common with the witch scares of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance than it does with legitimate science. Science does not allow you to simply invent scenarios with no basis behind them.

Paul was absolutely right to describe Fauci’s call for vaccinated people to wear masks — and his own unnecessary mask-wearing — as “theater.”

The only reason to wear a mask after being vaccinated is if you fear that the vaccine isn’t effective. Could that be what Fauci is suggesting? Either way, he has discredited himself.

Paul also described a situation to Carlson where a woman at his gym made a fuss over the fact that Paul wasn’t wearing a mask while running on a treadmill.

The COVID panic has much more in common with the witch hunts of centuries ago than we are willing to admit. In those days, people denounced one another as witches and delivered each other into the hands of the authority as well.

It’s scary to contemplate how many people have willingly swallowed such utter lunacy.