There’s a long-standing stereotype that Asians are good at math. This stereotype is related to the more general stereotype that Asians tend to be smart and hardworking.

One would think that it would be nice to regard an ethnic or racial group in this way. After all, mathematical skills are increasingly important in today’s world, as ever-larger numbers of skilled jobs rely on them.

But no, says Niral Shah, assistant professor of learning sciences and human development at Washington University. Actually, all of that is just racist.

Compliments Are Racist?

The ideologues who champion things like critical race theory are required, by the very nature of what they do, to always regard everything as racist, sexist or otherwise worthy of condemnation, no matter what the actual truth happens to be about the subject they are discussing.

The reason for this is simple: If things were to ever stop being racist, sexist or what have you, there would no longer be any reason to keep critical-theory-influenced “scholars” employed. Since their continued employment and the very justification of their field depends on their ability to complain, they must always complain.

Even more importantly, because “scholars” like Shah can always be relied upon to say that something is wrong, they will always be useful to elites who want to mess with the pre-existing institutions of society. Whenever politicians decide that they want more power, they can concoct a “problem” — like how complimenting Asians on their math skills is “racist” — and then claim that they must be given the power to fix this “problem.”

If anyone objects, politicians can point to academics like Shah and shut down discussion by saying that supposedly smart people all agree with them.

This is why Shah insists on wasting everyone’s time by complaining that the expectation that Asians are good at math puts undue pressure on them and may actually end up hurting their academic performance.

But guess which countries rank first, second, third and fourth in both reading and math scores? They are China, Singapore, Macao and Hong Kong, in that order.

Niral Shah is a pseudo-academic huckster with no real ideas, and the fact that he continues to remain employed is a sign of irreversibly pervasive rot in America’s higher education system.

Because people like him have nothing interesting to say and are not capable of meaningfully advancing any academic discipline, they instead make careers for themselves by whining about how everything is “racist.”

Hence, academia is a cesspit in which interesting and important ideas have been growing increasingly rare. Instead, academia’s function is ideological conditioning. And the more stupid things that we are required to believe by the elite, the more such conditioning will be necessary.