The tensions between BLM activists and law enforcement officers have been steadily rising since the Rochester incident that took place back in 2020.

Daniel Prude, a 41-year man was walking in the neighborhood naked and high when several police officers detained him.

Unfortunately, due to the intoxication and asphyxia complications, Prude died 7 days later.

Shortly after his death, the Monroe County examiner officially ruled a homicide as the cause of death, a decision that caused massive riots by the Antifa and BLM supporters, who suggested that Daniel’s death is a consequence of the officers’ actions.

A year after, on March 23, BLM supporters wanted to remind everyone of the incident by protesting and marching through the streets of Rochester in the middle of the day.

The main target?

A Wegmans grocery chain accused of supporting “white supremacists.”

Marching during work hours

The protest started in the noon, as supporters of BLM and activists of the Free the People Rochester group gathered to walk down through Rochester and Parcel 5, blocking a parcel lot and a bus terminal in the process.

According to Ashley Gantt, a representative of the group that organized the march, they decided to protest in front of Wegmans for showing the support for the police officers by wearing Rochester police uniforms!

As the group suggests, the fact that Wegmans security employees wear Rochester police uniforms shows that they firmly uphold the idea of “white supremacy.”

Wegman Returning to Inner City Skirts of Rochester

A couple of years ago, Wegman opened their first store in the middle of Rochester city.

Still, very soon after, they decided to close it down and move to the outskirts, the location that was forcely shut-down by BLM this Tuesday.

In the middle of March, the Wegmans chain representatives stated that they decided to shut down the store due to the risks caused by a protest.

The tweet suggested that they helped all the customers safely leave the store with their groceries and decided to reopen once the rally is over.

As Danny Wegman, the founder of this chain, suggests, they were planning to reopen the store, but the incident that happened a day ago made him rethink this decision.

Consequently, he will have to consult with the City Council, as shutting down commerce due to daily riots and marches organized by BLM is terrible for business.