President Joe Biden insists that there is no crisis at the border, and he is determined to make it that way by pulling off some magic tricks to allow illegal aliens into the country quickly.

Typically, people entering the country receive papers to show to law enforcement if they get stopped. These papers contain their contact information and the date that they are to appear in immigration court. The court date is routinely within 30 days. About 70% of the immigrants eventually appear in court.

Court Dates to Be Determined Later

First, U.S. Customs and Border Protection was ordered to give the aliens documents with a court date to be determined on them. These individuals still had to provide contact information to the patrol.

No Contact Information

Then, the patrol was ordered to give out documents without requiring the illegal immigrants to provide their contact information. These documents still have a court date to be determined written on them. One must wonder how the government plans to contact these illegal immigrants when they fail to collect contact information.

Where Do the Illegal Immigrants Go?

The immigrants are then free to enter the United States and roam throughout the country. In some cases, the immigrants are taken to shelters, while in other cases, they may be bused into the country’s interior.

Joe Biden’s magic tricks may be helping the border seem less crowded, but that may not last long. News of his relaxed rules will soon spread, and even more people will make their way to the United States illegally.