According to a recent report by Politico, Joe Biden is under investigation by the Government Accountability Office for intervening to prevent billions of dollars from going out to finish the construction on the Southern border wall that was begun by former President Donald Trump.

By preventing this money from going to its intended purpose, Biden may have broken the law.

The GAO Investigation

Originally, 40 Senate Republicans drafted a letter to the GAO urging it to investigate this matter. The primary concern of these Republicans appears to be that Biden’s forced end to border wall construction, coupled with his permissive immigration rhetoric, has created the humanitarian crisis that is currently unfolding at the Southern border.

The letter states that because of Biden’s executive orders on the matter, “operational control of our southern border was compromised and a humanitarian and national security crisis has ensued.”

Constitutionally and legally speaking, the proper authority to allocate government funds resides with Congress. Since Biden put an end to border wall construction using an executive order, these Republicans argue that he may have broken the law by circumventing Congress and making spending decisions unilaterally.

The letter from these Senate Republicans swiftly gained steam, prompting 60 other Republican lawmakers to draft an additional letter in which they asked to be included as signatories.

“We are writing to be added as co-requesters of a March 17, 2021 letter, signed by 40 United States Senators, requesting the Government Accountability Office’s investigation and legal opinion on the actions of the Biden Administration to suspend border wall construction and to order a freeze of funds provided by Congress for that purpose, which we believe violated the Impoundment Control Act,” the letter stated.

According to Politico, even if the GAO investigation does ultimately determine that Biden paused border wall funds illegally, it is not likely that he will face any criminal charges. Sadly, this is almost certainly true as those who would be tasked with bringing such charges would almost certainly be Biden’s own appointees.

Those people won’t bring charges against their own boss no matter how obviously guilty he is.