Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean endured something that no one should have to endure. Both of her in-laws died in a way that was entirely preventable.

Specifically, her husband’s parents were trapped in a nursing home which, under New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s direct orders, was required to accept COVID-positive patients. Being around those who were sick caused them to also get sick, and since they were old—and thus especially vulnerable to serious complications from the virus—they died from it.

Andrew Cuomo thus has the blood of Janice Dean’s in-laws on his hands.

And her in-laws aren’t the only such people. As many as 15,000 elderly people who could have been saved died as a direct result of Cuomo’s directive.

And Dean, through her loss, has become Cuomo’s single sharpest critic.

“He Needs to Go to Jail!”

It’s bad enough that Cuomo is directly responsible for so many deaths. Sadly, however, that fact only begins to describe the true extent of the sheer criminality that was afoot under his administration.

When confronted with this staggering death toll, Cuomo’s go-to excuse has always been that he was only following orders issued by the federal government. This is an absurd lie. Cuomo was never required to follow any guidelines issued by the federal government. He was always free to deal with his state’s COVID situation as he saw fit.

Even worse, these COVID-positive elderly people were sent back into nursing homes at a time when hospitals across the state were virtually empty due to Cuomo’s lockdown orders. There was abundant hospital capacity to treat these people, but it was never used.

Furthermore, Trump, whom Cuomo has always sought to blame for his own failures, actually sent Cuomo a massive ship loaded with medical equipment. Rather than sending these sick people back into nursing homes to needlessly infect others, Cuomo could have had them treated aboard this ship. But he didn’t.

And why? It’s because it was Trump who sent the ship. Make no mistake about it: This completely avoidable disaster was a direct result of Cuomo wanting to thumb his nose at Donald Trump.

And then, as the icing on the cake, Cuomo proceeded to issue orders to hide the true statistics on how many people had died as a result of his nursing home policies. The truth was only exposed much later when it was too late to do anything.

As a result of this and of Cuomo’s many mounting sexual harassment scandals, calls have now risen for the governor to resign. He refuses to do so.

But for Janice Dean, even Cuomo’s resignation wouldn’t be nearly enough. As she thundered during an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” “He needs to go to jail!” Only criminal charges are appropriate in response to Cuomo’s persistent stream of outrages. Anything else would be a travesty of justice.

Dean is not a political person. She is a weather forecaster who has largely kept her political views close to her chest. But her fundamental display of human decency and her passionate desire for justice, in this case, are extremely admirable.

May she get her wish.