The transgender agenda is becoming increasingly louder and stronger by each day, and the cancel culture and shutting down those who oppose it seem to be the weapon of choice for many activists and mainstream media.

One of the latest victims of being sued or accused of “white supremacy” is the case of Jake Phillips, a Colorado baker, who suggests that his religious beliefs prevent him from celebrating LGBT and transgender activism.

It isn’t the first time that Phillips goes to court for his business practice and beliefs, as he was sued for a similar reason back in 2017, winning the lawsuit in front of a US Supreme Court.

Still, it seems that the cancel culture activists aren’t willing to give up on targeting and fighting Jake Phillips in-court, as now he refused to bake a cake with transgender branding.

But what happened in 2017?

Gay activists and transgender organizations have targeted Jake Phillip for more than eight years.

In 2017, he refused to bake a cake for a gay marriage wedding, suggesting that it was against his Christian religious beliefs.

In several interviews, the Colorado baker claimed that God made man and woman together and that that isn’t something that we can simply rearrange.

Later, Jake Phillips and his legal team managed to win the lawsuit in front of a US Supreme Court.

The newest lawsuit for refusing to bake a transgender cake

The name of Jake Phillips once more started popping up in the media after he refused the order placed by a transgender Colorado lawyer, Autumn Scardina, who reported the Colorado baker to the Civil Rights Commission.

However, Autumn Scardina failed in her intentions as the CCRC dismissed both the case presented and the one filed by Jake Phillips against the state and claims that he mistreated her.

That is when Scardina decided to pursue justice in front of a US Supreme Court.

The attorney group that represented Jake, Alliance Defending Freedom, suggested that there wasn’t a legal base for a lawsuit, given the fact that the Commission ruled in Jake’s favor and that there weren’t any new questions to be presented.

ADF suggests that Phillips didn’t refuse to bake a cake but rather include transgender messages that go against his beliefs.

With this in mind, ADS claims that his actions can’t be deemed as mistreatment and discrimination.

What does Jake Phillips say?

Phillips made it very clear that the legal sage he has been a part of for the last eight years is the best proof of the “cancel culture” society that we are living in.

According to him, the US Supreme Court decided in his favor, and that the verdict suggests that Jake Phillips shouldn’t be harassed for his religious beliefs.