Migrant Camp Painting Different Picture

New photos are emerging of a migrant camp in Texas, painting a completely different picture than what the media is trying to get you to believe about these deplorable conditions. The latest migrant facility in El Cajon, Texas, is operated by a group called Southwest Key, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) program. However, this camp is not what you would expect it to be.

Reports Show Premium Facilities

Reports and pictures out of the camp show a facility that is allowing these migrants to live the good life on the American taxpayer dollar. The facility was originally built in 2012 to house workers in the oil industry when they were away from home.

As such, the facility is equipped with a host of premium amenities, including wireless internet, cable television, plenty of green space to play, and more. Now the facility is being used as a temporary holding area for illegal aliens crossing over from Mexico.

The administration of President Joe Biden is spending $33 million to rent this facility to hold 500 migrants. Some of these youths have been used by adult illegal aliens to get across the border.

Neighbors Angered About Camp

Understandably, the families that own houses near the camp are not happy that the facility is now being used to house migrants. Some complain that the presence of the migrant camp has sent the value of their homes plummeting. Others say that the sound and floodlights coming from the camp have disrupted their peace and quiet. In addition, there are valid fears about the spread of the COVID-19 virus within the camp.