On October 23, 2018, Joe Biden’s daughter-in-law, Hallie, threw Hunter’s gun into a grocery store trash can. After the two left the scene and later returned to retrieve the gun, they found that it was no longer in the trash can.

As bizarre as this incident already sounds, what is much stranger is that the Secret Service thereafter decided that it would be appropriate to intervene.

It seems that wherever Hunter Biden goes and whatever he does, trouble always seems to follow him.

The Secret Service Comes Looking for Hunter’s Gun

Shortly following this gun incident, the Secret Service paid a visit to the store where Hunter Biden bought his gun and demanded to be given paperwork pertaining to that sale.

Since it’s unknown who came by and took the gun out of the trash can after it was left there, it’s possible that the gun may have later been used in a crime. That, in fact, is what the owner of the gun store in question, Ron Palmieri, thought might be the case, which is why he refused to provide the Secret Service with the information it requested and instead passed on everything he knew to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

A look at the Firearms Transaction Record shows that Hinter Biden purchased the gun on October 12, 2018, a mere 11 days before it was thrown in the trash. It also shows that Hunter Biden replied “no” to a question on a form asking whether he had ever used, or was addicted to, marijuana, any depressant or stimulant, or any other illicit drug. Given what is well-known about that man’s drug use habits, his answer was almost certainly a lie.

What’s even stranger is that, technically, the Secret Service was only supposed to protect Biden and his family from 2009 to 2017, the time during which Joe Biden served as vice president. Thus, the Biden family was not supposed to have Secret Service protection in 2018.

According to a report by Politico, the widow of Hunter’s late brother Beau, Hallie Biden,—with whom Hunter was romantically involved at the time—searched Hunter’s truck because she suspected that he might have a gun. Presumably, she found the gun in question, a .38 caliber revolver, and then threw it into the trash. This was all described in a Delaware State Police report.

Of course, the Secret Service denies having any involvement in this incident, and a White House spokesperson said, “President Biden did not have any knowledge of, or involvement in, the Secret Service’s alleged role in this incident, and neither he nor any family member was a protectee at that time.”

Of course, all of this clarifies absolutely nothing. It only raises far more odd and uncomfortable questions.