A teacher based in Ohio had been suspended, and then fired two days later, after questioning the narrative regarding George Floyd’s ability to breathe before his death in police custody in the summer of 2020.

Theology instructor Deborah DelPrince, who had taught at Bishop Ready High School for over 21 years, had shared her thoughts on what could have caused George Floyd’s death during a virtual lecture.

First reported by The Columbus Dispatch, Deborah had expressed her thoughts during the virtual class on February 24th, claiming that it wasn’t certain that he could not breathe.

What actually took place?

The instructor had made the remarks when she noticed that a student’s screen had featured an image of LeBron James donning a shirt that contained the phrase ‘I can’t breathe’ on the front of it.

She stated that the narrative was ‘perpetuating a myth against police,’ before going on to blast LeBron James for wearing it.

She continued by claiming the basketball star wasn’t ‘in the position to be disrespectful to police officers,’ with her reasoning being that he always travels with a bodyguard present.

One of her students, clearly shocked by the statement, enquired about what she meant, asking her if she really believed that the death of George Floyd was disputed.

To this, Deborah simply replied ‘yes, it’s disputed.’

The student pressed further, demanding to know who was disputing what the media claimed to be facts.

Deborah referenced ‘the tapes’ as her answer before the student gave up on questioning any further, fearing that they ‘might say something that’s gonna get them in trouble.’

The Catholic Diocese of Columbus released a statement regarding the issue, stating that comments made were contrary to their guidelines, before labeling them as ‘reflecting extremely poor judgement.’

The statement continued, claiming the instructor made ‘unsupported personal assertions and opinions’ whilst teaching her class, before announcing that she had been suspended on administrative leave whilst the investigation took place.

However, just two days after the announcement of her suspension, the Chancellor released a statement saying that Deborah had been relieved from her position at the school.