Terry Joe Wilson, a 37-year-old Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist was arrested Tuesday on the charges of destroying the Abraham Lincoln statue located in Julia Davis Park in Boise, Idaho.

The statue also called '’Seated Lincoln’‘, was reportedly ruined by BLM flag, signs, red paint, and feces in February.

Fortunately, the damage was not permanent, and local cleaning staff managed to promptly remove dirt from the statue.

On his social media platform, Wilson wrote that, besides being an avid BLM activist and organization’s Boise chapter spokesman, he works as an associate professor at Boise State University (BSU).

Yet, the BSU official told reporters that Wilson worked as an adjunct faculty member for three terms.

According to the university, Wilson’s contract ended in December 2020.

The reason for Wilson’s departure from BSU remains unknown.

What is known is that, before working as an adjunct, Wilson served as an assistant at BSU’s Student Office.

As an adjunct, Wilson allegedly taught several foundational courses in education.

Prior to working at BSU, Wilson reportedly graduated from BSU’s School of Public Service.

Many people familiar with Wilson’s case believe that Wilson’s study of ideas such as Critical Race Theory during the program was critical in his development as a left-wing extremist.

Tried to escape, armed and carrying drugs

Police reportedly had to use both electronic and physical evidence to identify Wilson as a perpetrator of the Lincoln statue vandalism.

When police officers found him, Wilson tried to escape but was soon captured.

Boise police officers discovered that, at the moment of arrest, Wilson was in possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and a firearm.

Wilson’s resistance during the capture made him charged with obstructing officers and resisting arrest, along with the primary charge of injuring monuments.

One Wilson’s social media photo, dating back from November last year, shows that the former adjunct was as much critical of Joe Biden, who he described as neoliberal, as he was of former President Donald Trump, who received a '’fascist’’ label.

The photo depicted Wilson participating in a BLM protest against the police funding. On that occasion, Wilson described police as supportive of criminal activities in the country and as such aided by courts.