After the riots that took place at Capitol Hill on January 6th, in what seems like a lifetime ago, numerous Big Tech companies moved against the alternative social media platform known as Parler.

The company, whose users are mostly comprised of conservatives, were accused of allowing rioters to use their platform to plot the attack, stating that Parler also failed to prevent this from happening.

As a result of this Big Tech narrative, Google and Apple removed Parler from their respected app stores, with Amazon also opting to remove Parler’s internet hosting ability.

However, Parler has fought back, and all the evidence swings in their favor.

What’s the latest development?

On Thursday, Parler sent a letter in response to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, who had requested documents regarding the January 6th riot.

In their response, Parler provided evidence that showed the company had opened a direct line of communication between themselves and the FBI in the autumn of 2020, months before the riots took place.

This channel was used by the company to report violent content and incitement of violence ‘over 50 times’ to the FBI before January 6th.

As well as this, Parler had also warned the FBI about threats of violence that were being spread on their platform relating to the events that took place on January 6th.

The letter continued, detailing the efforts set out by the company to ‘to flag and remove unlawful speech’ from the platform that otherwise would not be protected by the First Amendment, i.e. incitement of violence.

The letter also takes note of the 270 charging documents that were filed by the Department of Justice; 80% of the references to social media were regarding Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, whilst only 5% of the references mentioned Parler.

Alongside this letter, Parler also released the emails sent to the FBI, alerting them about the incitements of violence on their platform before the January 6th riots.

The company had repeatedly warned the FBI that violence could erupt at the Capitol protest.

Why is this evidence important?

The evidence presented forth by Parler completely destroys the narrative that was created by the Big Tech companies after the January 6th riots.

Amazon, Apple, and Google all attempted to ruin the growing reputation of Parler, a platform that held 15 million unique users in January 2021.

These three companies all claimed that Parler was negligent in their duty to remove incitements of violence.

Instead, Parler went one step further, by reporting these threats to the FBI in the hopes of stopping any violent outbreaks.

A press release by the company states that they believe Facebook and Twitter saw Parler as a viable threat to their social media dominance, as the app had become the most downloaded app of US versions of the Apple and Google app stores by January 8th.

As a result, Parler claimed that these Big Tech firms joined forces with Amazon, Google, and Apple in order to ‘de-platform and destroy the company.’

Not only does this evidence prove that Parler fulfilled their responsibility of removing violent threats off their platform, as well as reporting them to the FBI, it also proves that Big Tech was full of lies; with their sole motive of wanting to de-platform Parler being because they became a viable threat to their exclusive circle of online dominance.