This week, the United States Supreme Court is hearing arguments from both sides of the aisle, to weigh up whether or not police officers should be allowed to enter the home of a private citizen and seize their firearm.

This is a policy that the Biden Administration supports, under the name of ‘community caretaking,’ and is being discussed to see if police should be allowed to use the Fourth Amendment to enter homes without a warrant.

The Fourth Amendment states that individual citizens, and their property, will be protected in their homes against ‘unreasonable searches and seizes,’ unless a ‘probable cause’ determines that the homes can be searched, and the persons or property can be seized.

I’m sorry…what?

That’s right.

The federal government wants to give powers to the police to allow them to enter your home and seize your firearm, for crimes that you have not committed.

Forbes reports that the Supreme Court is currently listening to arguments on both sides of this proposal, with one key hearing being regarding a case where a police officer entered someone’s home and took their gun away as the man in question had threatened suicide.

However, entering a home and taking away a firearm to protect the life of a mentally unwell individual is completely different from entering a home and taking away a firearm from a law-abiding citizen who purchased said firearm to protect their family and property.

If the Supreme Court rules on the side of the police, just like two lower courts did, then this will create a dangerous precedent to allow police officers to legally enter any home they like without a warrant, in order to seize your property, under the excuse of ‘community caretaking.’


Needless to say, this is a terrible idea and would result in disastrous consequences for all, whilst giving the government more power that they do not need.

How is this known?

Well, when the typically left-leaning civil rights group, The American Civil Liberties Union, opposes legislation against guns, then you know something has gone wrong.

The ACLU, alongside the Cato Institute and the American Conservative Union Foundation, produced a brief, joint statement opposing the policy.

They state that this legislation would allow police ‘free reign’ to enter anyone’s homes unlawfully and without a warrant or probable cause.

America could be about to head down a dangerous road, with many praying the Supreme Court makes the right decision.