In any functional democratic system, certain basic, common-sense checks and safeguards are necessary to prevent the system from being abused by nefarious people. Without things like this, democracy can be transformed from a way for the people to hold politicians accountable to the exact opposite of that.

But we know that Democratic political operatives, both in Congress and in the legislatures of a few states, have been trying to introduce legislation that would essentially give them carte blanche to game democracy. In a few other places, when Republicans have tried introducing measures to tighten up election security, these same manipulators have called such measures “voter suppression.”

Democrats Apparently Think That Preventing Election Fraud Is Undemocratic

One of the common-sense measures designed to ensure election integrity is an ID requirement for voting. If you can’t produce a valid ID showing that you really do live in a given area or county, then you can’t vote there.

The reason for having something like this is obvious. If you don’t have to show ID to vote, then anyone can bring in swarms of people from anywhere, use them to “win” an election, and ram through any given political agenda.

But there is a bill called HR1 that has been proposed in Congress that would essentially eliminate this and many other checks to election security. At a time when our election system is loaded with security holes, the passage of that bill would make it child’s play to commit election fraud and get away with it.

There’s also another local bill in the state of Utah called Utah Bill HR12, which would mandate that voter rolls in the state be periodically purged of dead voters.

Democrats have objected to this on the grounds that errors might be made in the purging process, which would disenfranchise some voters.

The same sort of absurd claims were made during a Tuesday hearing on HR1. Calling basic security measures “voter suppression” is manipulative and propagandistic nonsense.