Gab CEO Andrew Torba published an op-ed on his social media platform’s website in which he criticized a Texas chapter of the Republican Party for deleting its account on the platform.

The move reportedly came as a response to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s characterization of Gab as an anti-semitic social media outlet.

Torba stressed that the decision came as a result of a 35-25 vote, signaling a deep division among the Republicans from the southern U.S. state similar to the one occurring on the federal level.

Torba further described Texas GOP’s decision to leave Gab while at the same time remaining on Facebook as hypocritical.

He emphasized that he does not understand how the Republican Party can stay on a network that is a vehicle for a large number of online child sex crimes and child exploitation.

Torba also pointed to Facebook’s censorship against its conservative-leaning users that, in his view, does not seem to bother Abbott.

Gab CEO described Texas GOP’s decision as turning the party into a version of the discredited Lincoln Project whose leaders have been accused of sexually controversial behavior.

A GOP degeneration

Torba also accused the Texas GOP of falling prey to the egoistic interests of its members and negative influences from the left.

He provided an example of Texas GOP Vice-Chair Cat Parks, describing her as an intruder who subverts the GOP by disseminating her liberal ideological tendencies.

Torba cited American Greatness journalist Pedro Gonzalez who said that Parks is '’entirely woke’’ and does not do anything to advance the interests of American conservatism.

Gap CEO reminded how Parks pledged for the Republican Party to become more inclusive and, as such, fully support LGBTQ marriage and '’more diversity in society’‘.

Torba recommended that each party should remove people like Parks if they want to stay on the right course.

He expressed regret that Republicans do not intend to do so and actually discourage the freedom of speech and dissemination of truth.

Torba concluded his column with a more optimistic tone, claiming that the American conservative movement does not need '’dead GOP’’ to thrive.