The idea of kids being taught and indoctrinated by far-left ideologues, only to come home to their parents believing all kinds of dangerous nonsense, used to be a phenomenon that was confined to colleges. It was unfortunate and corrosive when it happened there, but at least it only happened there.

Now, however, left-wing zealots have wormed their way into all kinds of schools. Antifa members are now teaching middle school kids.

Teacher Totally Unapologetic About Antifa Connections

Jill Sheridan, an eighth-grade science teacher at Qualters Middle School in Mansfield, Massachusetts, is a confirmed member of Antifa, the violent, far-left terrorist group that has been involved in rioting throughout the country.

Last weekend, she was seen at an anti-lockdown protest in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Apparently, she was originally meant to attend a BLM rally that was to take place only a mile away on that same day. She decided instead to go to the anti-lockdown protest, harass the people who were there and scream in their faces.

According to Turtle Boy Sports, which broke this story, there are pictures and videos of Sheridan removing her mask in order to get people at the anti-lockdown rally into trouble and arrested. She is also seen harassing police officers and screaming in children’s faces.

Moreover, while at this anti-lockdown rally, three of Sheridan’s friends were arrested for carrying guns and assaulting police officers. A man named Jake Zawalick, with whom Sheridan is friends on Facebook, was also arrested there for assault and battery, disorderly conduct, carrying a weapon, resisting arrest, and breaching the peace.

When news of all of this emerged and people in her community expressed outrage over her behavior, Sheridan was completely unapologetic. She instead took to Facebook to justify herself. Going under the name Jay Marie, she said on her Facebook account that the people whom she was harassing were “domestic terrorists.” She offered absolutely no evidence to support this assertion.

Local parents who learned of this matter on Facebook expressed outrage and stated that they would fight to make sure that Sheridan never got to teach their children. TBS also provided people with ways to email the principal, assistant principal, and superintendent of Qualters Middle School so that parents could complain about her behavior.