Major League Baseball’s opening day is just around the corner, and many states are grappling with how to limit capacity in the stadiums all over the country. The good news for fans of the Detroit Tigers is that Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is will be allowing more than just a handful of fans to gather to watch the hometown team.

Change in Direction

Opening Day is always a hard ticket to score in any year. This year, that task will be even more challenging thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic putting restrictions on attendance capacities.

Whitmer has been particularly draconian in her restrictions. Earlier this month, she announced that Detroit’s Comerica Park would only be open to 1,000 fans. Let that sink in for a minute. 1,000 fans in an open-air stadium that holds over 42,000 people. That is a seating capacity of about 2%.

After many expressed outrage, Whitmer changed course and decided to up the capacity limits to 8,000. While this is a move in the right direction, it still falls woefully short of the notion that we should follow the science and the data when making decisions about COVID-19 restrictions.

Whitmer Relents and Allows More Fans to Cheer on Tigers

Although other states are moving ahead in reopening businesses and lifting mask mandates, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Department continues to rule with everyone under their thumb. The nanny state is still ruling Michigan and its residents.

The Tigers will begin the 2021 MLB season against the Cleveland Indians on Thursday, April 1, at Comerica Park in Detroit.