After several setbacks, the eighth largest retailer in the United States, Target, decided to move its headquarters from the Minneapolis city center!

The news of Target’s business move was reported by the Foundation for Economic Education just a few days after the retailer sent an email notification to its employees.

While the official announcement justifies this decision by claiming that they don’t have the exact needs for physical space as employees work remotely, analysts suggest BLM and Antifa riots made Minneapolis unattractive for business.

Target moving to a quieter area

On Thursday, March 24th, everyone working at the Target headquarters in Minneapolis received an email notification informing them about the moving of the HQ offices out of the city center.

According to the head of the HR department, Melissa Kremer, Target decided to move their HQ as employees proved that they don’t need the same physical space and can work with the same efficiency from home.

Although this sounds logical, Target will find another HQ but out of the city center, and that’s something that confused many employees, journalists, and analysts.

And while Target has announced that this decision will not cause layoffs, the question is how it will affect people who have maintained their business thanks to several thousand Target employees. What is wrong with the city center then?

As Melissa Kramer suggested, Target’s plan isn’t to leave its employees without a physical base.

On the contrary, they want to maintain their presence in Minneapolis as the largest retailer and employer in the city, however, they want to do it at a more peaceful location by Brooklyn Park.

The main reason for this could be the Antifa and BLM riots that have happened throughout 2020 in the City Center, the main point of conflicts with the police.

With that in mind, the decision to move out doesn’t come as a surprise.

The independent journalist Andy Ngo tweeted that BLM and Antifa activists’ actions keep driving retail businesses away from the Minneapolis City Centre.

Will Target fire some of its employees as their HQ moves to another location, although they deny it?

The consequences of this decision are to be seen in the upcoming few months.