According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, President Biden plans on signing an executive order on guns. There are no details on exactly what will be in the executive order.

Biden’s Anti-Gun History

Biden has long supported tighter controls on who could buy guns. During President Obama’s administration, Biden was a strong advocate for stricter gun control. As vice president, he encouraged President Obama to sign 23 executive gun control orders.

Close Ghost Gun Loopholes

The executive orders signed by Biden will likely aim at closing the loopholes in ghost guns. Owners assemble these guns, and they do not have trackable serial numbers.

Columbia Gun Act

Executive orders may also lengthen the time that states have to complete background checks before someone can buy a gun.

Currently, states have three days, but many advocates would like to see that extended to 10 days. The United States House of Representatives has passed the gun act, but advocates fear it will not pass the senate.

First-Time Gun Ownership Rises Steeply

The number of first-time gun owners rose significantly during 2020. The number of first-time gun owners rose by more than 5 million people amid worries about the pandemic and the riots. That is a 40% increase over 2019. Additionally, the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System reports that they conducted 71% more background checks than they did during the same period in 2019.

What Groups Are Buying Guns?

According to the National Shooting Sports Federation, the largest group of new gun owners were African American males.

They also saw another significant increase in sales of guns to women.

There is no timetable on when President Biden might sign the executive orders. Most experts expect it to be in the next few days.