A group of Republican Senators managed to come to the U.S.-Mexican border to acquaint themselves with the situation.

Eighteen Senators explained their arrival as a consequence of the Biden Administration blocking the transparency about the border crisis.

By the end of the trip, Senators were reportedly asked to delete any photos they made during the visit, which they outright refused to do.

Mike Brown, a Senator from Indiana, gave particularly vivid descriptions of the situation, characterizing it as the worst migrant crisis in the past 20 years.

Brown described his experiences at the Rio Grande river edge, where border officers told him that migrant smugglers, the so-called ‘’coyotes’’, transfer migrants to the U.S., usually charging between the U.S. $5,000 and the U.S. $20,000 for the service.

Indiana Senator recounted how he heard one of the ‘’coyotes’’ shouting and warning the border officials that ‘’they (coyotes) will arrive no matter what happens’’. Brown described his story as a metaphor for the situation that is going on across the southern U.S. border, characterizing it as a big political mistake.

Another Senator who came at the border, Ted Cruz from Texas, pointed to reporters that all that can be seen around are cages.

His colleague Ron Johnson, on the other hand, described the situation as sad and tragic. He defined the migrant crisis as a wound the U.S. inflicted upon itself.

The crisis getting worse

All leaks of information suggest that, contrary to what the administration wants, the border crisis is getting worse each day.

Unlike what was announced by federal officials, most migrants are not being repelled from the border and are instead allowed to enter without any regulation.

An anonymous official told CBS News that the administration planned to expel some families with young children on the grounds of Title 42 policy, approved by the Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a year ago.

He added that the border control faces difficulties as Mexican officials from the Tamaulipas state do not agree to accept families with young children.

Estimates from the Customs and Border Patrol suggest that around 86 percent of families are granted entry to the U.S. without any deportation.

Data indicate that no migrant involved in 6,000 apprehensions on Thursday has been deported from the U.S so far.

Many commentators stressed that information from the border contradicts statements made by President Joe Biden.

During his press conference several days ago, Biden told journalists that there were no changes at the border and added that most migrants are being deported.

Data arising from a variety of sources suggest that neither of these is the case.